Integrity. Sophistication. Understanding. Confidence. Aggressiveness.

Whether seeking advice with regard to a real estate or business transaction, confronted with litigation, or engaging in estate planning or estate administration, the choice of a law firm is one of the most important decisions you can make. The ultimate choice is one that will significantly impact whether the transaction is structured appropriately, whether the litigation is resolved successfully, or whether the estate planning or administration is designed for the maximum benefit, protection, and efficiency.

You should expect that your attorneys will listen to you and understand your objectives, will have the talent to achieve these objectives, and will represent your interests with aggressiveness and integrity.

Our talent allows us to attract as clients Fortune 500 companies, regional and local businesses, and individuals seeking sophisticated legal representation. Our size permits us to have personal relationships with our clients, many times lasting through generations, and permits us to understand and achieve our client’s desired results as efficiently as possible. Our tradition and long-standing presence in Maryland’s legal community is a testament to the trust, confidence, and loyalty our clients have demonstrated.